Mission Statement

The Pilates PLUS mission is to offer Chicago residents a variety of Pilates options to meet and improve the fitness lifestyle of clients. Our certified instructors work with the clients to:

  • improve strength, flexibility, toning and overall balance;
  • provide a safe, low-impact workout for those with injuries or ailments;
  • design programs for those with specific goals including sports training and weight loss; and
  • offer our Chicago Pilates clients a friendly and welcoming environment that is not intimidating.

Why Cross Training?

At Pilates PLUS, we have taken the traditional foundation designed and executed by Joseph Pilates and modified it to reflect the many developments and advancements made in the fitness industry over the past 30 years. We have combined our knowledge of the human body and the technology of newer exercise equipment (BOSU Balls, Foam Rollers, Rotator Discs, etc.) to enhance and vary the Pilates experience. Clients will recognize exercises related to every day movements, as well as those to improve leisure activities (golf, tennis, basketball, etc.).  Pilates PLUS instructors guide the client through a workout that is both challenging to their fitness level and functional for their day to day activities.

The studio is equipped with the finest in Pilates equipment. The abundance of natural sunlight and numerous amenities will make you feel right at home.